Hartshill School Take Part in Raise Your Game!

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    Sky Blues in the Community are excited to welcome 12 students from Hartshill School in Nuneaton to the Ricoh Arena for CCFC’s match with Gillingham this week who have recently completed their Raise Your Game project with Sky Blues in the Community!
    During the project, the year 11 group showed an impressive understanding of each new concept and have grown and matured into fantastic young people. Each lesson lasted two hours, with a classroom hour followed by an hour taking part in sports coaching.
    The Head of PE at Hartshill School, Julian Fry, had this to say at the end of the project:
    “This was an exciting opportunity for a group of year 11 pupils to develop their learning and practical skills through football. The skills that were learnt were lifelong skills which will encourage responsibility and independence for the future. During the sessions the students learnt about action planning, goal setting, communication skills, identity and values, managing emotions, employability skills and money matters.
    Their input into work, both classroom based and in the school community, improved as they gained more recognition due to their individual targets and rewards. Many of the group became a more of a well-rounded school member. Behaviour generally improved in school, this down to having a strong role model in James. James worked with the boys in a relaxed but positive method, enabling to boys to trust James and work closely with him” .
    We hope you enjoy the match!
    The aim of Raise Your Game is to provide educational development opportunities and improve attainment in local schools in Coventry and Warwickshire, both primary and secondary. The students are handpicked by the school, allowing pupils to be identified who are most at risk and displaying challenging behaviour.

    During a 6 week course, we deliver an ‘alternative curriculum’ offering behavioural support to each group, as well as providing functional skills lessons, employability workshops and enterprise activities, to help integrate the pupils more constrictively in to school life and improve their attainment levels.

    Should you be interested in the Raise Your Game project, or have any questions, please contact Education Manager James Woodhouse on james.woodhouse@ccfc.co.uk or 024 7678 6349.

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