Introducing the CCFC Ballboys

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    Youngsters from our Player Development Centre initiative have been given the honour once again of being ball boys for all home league and cup games for 2016-17 season at the Ricoh Arena.

    Our Under 10 to Under 16 age groups are allocated four games for each age group where they can take this unique opportunity. Ball boys play a large part in ensuring that the first team games run smoothly, by making sure they get the ball back to the players as quickly as possible in the thick of the action. Between 18-20 ball boys are on duty for each game, situated in the stands and inside the advertising hoardings around the pitch.

    On the day of a game, the ball boys get the privilege of seeing the players up close and personal as they line up in the tunnel area and follow the players out – as well as being as close to the action as possible without being on the pitch.

    Shaun Pierce, Development Manager said “It is a really great experience for our Development Centre players to get so close to the action of a professional football match.

    “All of those involved in our PDCs are aspiring footballers and so far, we have had eight players this season sign for professional academies. I always tell the boys to make sure they watch the players closely, there is a lot they can learn from them before the game about how they prepare and warm up for an elite fixture.”

    “Being in and around the changing room, tunnel and pitch on a match day is such a unique experience, it is fantastic that our PDC players get this opportunity.”

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