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    A chance to meet members of the SBitC team and find out what their day-to-day roles involve.


    Name: Joe Murray

    Job title: Business Admin Apprentice

    Time at SBitC: I started working at SBitC at the beginning of January 2017

    Day to Day Role: I’m responsible for making sure phone calls and emails are up to date and answered at all times. I input register data and general data into organised spreadsheets and onto a website called Views. I help anyone who needs any assistance if they need it.

    Most Rewarding: The most rewarding thing about my job is getting through several spreadsheets in a day and being able to relax the next day.

    Areas for Development: I could be quicker with adding in some data and I need to be more helpful over the phone. As I have recently started I still have a lot to learn about some of the events, projects and sessions we hold.

    Biggest Achievement: At the moment it’s hard to say as it is still early on; but getting through a large amount of data to put onto Views in one day feels like a big achievement.

    Interests: I enjoy meeting with friends and going out.

    Interesting Fact: I have an extra toe on my right foot.

    Favourite Coventry City Player (Past or Present):
    David Busst

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    Hi Joe.

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