Sky Blues celebrate +Sport Move and Learn Project

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    On Saturday 26th November in partnership with MK Dons Sport and Education Trust, Sky Blues in the Community welcome children from Park Hill Primary School in Coventry and Oxley Park Academy in Milton Keynes. These children will take part in a half-time celebration of the +Sport Move and Learn project.

    The +Sport Move and Learn project is has been developed by Ferrero and the EFL Trust as part of Ferrero’s global Kinder+Sport initiative. This initiative has already reached over 15 million children around the world encouraging active lifestyles. In the UK, Sky Blues in the Community is one of 23 football club community organisations delivering the +Sport Move and Learn project to primary schools in their local area.


    Over the course of six weeks, children from year 5 classes spend 45 minutes in the classroom learning about the body, nutrition and the importance of exercise, through participating in interactive activities. The second half of the 90 minute session is dedicated to playing football, dodgeball or handball, with two weeks spent on each sport. This year Sky Blues in the Community will be working with 1,800+ local children.


    To find out more about the +Sport Move and Learn project, please contact Sky Blues in the Community Health Manager Hiedi Sloan via Email: or Telephone: 024 7678 6314.

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