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    Verona is a beautiful city. It's beautiful country, but I don't think people here realise how gritty it is around the edges. Spend some time around Milan Central Station after dark, or worse still, stumble through the red light area in Genoa at any time, and you'll find out. And people in the UK who think we have an immigration problem here, should visit any big city station in Italy and they might rethink.

    Yes it's a bit of a shame that Catania have dropped so far, and getting small crowds now, but hopefully they'll be back. Good to see Parma on the rise again. I'm hoping Hellas get promoted, as I fancy Hellas vs Atalanta as a tasty Derby for next season.

    Didn't hear any racist stuff at Hellas, though to be fair they coasted through the game, and I wasn't in the Curva. Mind you I did hear the odd faint monkey-chant at Atalanta and Milan with their supposed left-wing history.
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    Verona is a very beautiful city, we are moving back there this summer. I saw a few Sieg Heil scarfs at Hellas' promotion game vs Empoli and a few Nazi salutes Another time me and a couple of Irish friends I have over there were asked if we were there to support the team or to support the fans. It is a shame that Chiveo are so poorly supported, as I would much rather go and watch them. I reckon that I will go and watch my local team, Virtus Verona who were started to stand against the fascism of Hellas. As far as I can tell Hellas are not popular across the whole of Italy, which says a lot!
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    Football - My kids get cheap tickets for Huddersfield town (£13 for 2 of us to see them beating Villa was money well spent), so I go there a couple of times a year. Also have an annual day out watching Halifax Town with mates. If City went bust, I'd probably watch Halifax.
    Rugby - Worcester Warriors
    Cricket - Worcestershire. Was a member during the glory years of the 80's. Botham, Dilley, Hick etc.
    Rugby League - Huddersfield Giants. Used to get free tickets so went quite a lot, then realised that League is a bit shit. Still watch the odd game on the TV and look for results to partake in office banter.
    NFL - Oakland Raiders
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    Went to Verona two years ago, getting to see the Arena was spectacular and the Piazza Bra and della Erbe were ace. The whole lake Garda area was stunning.

    (Porta Borsari too, had to look up the name)
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    I've developed a liking for Fiorentina, mainly because I used to pick them on FIFA when all my glory hunting mates were playing safe as Liverpool or United.

    I also like Wehen Weisbaden, because that's where my Dad lives. Strangely enough their home kit this season is the exact same design as our away-


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