Another Gilbert tease.

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    I have to disagree. He insulted me countless times when I said it at the time. SISU came to us to make money. They didn't come because they wanted a football club. He also said that nobody else would be interested in the arena and called me an idiot for saying that there would be interest from elsewhere.

    I wish I was wrong at the time. I just hope that I was right on the next part. Wasps have loaded so much debt onto the place that it is easier for them to give up and move back south. It goes back to CCC or the bond holders take control and we end up with it. But we would have the same problem of SISU loading debt onto it.

    Why else are SISU still with us? To me they are trying to keep us cash neutral until we know what is happening with the arena.
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    This story aside, if I see a bullshit headline in the Telegraph I know instantly who wrote it without even visiting the relevant page.

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