City's Worst Start?

Discussion in 'Coventry City Clips & Videos' started by TrueSkyBlueLiam, Sep 5, 2016.

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    What a dreadful start it's been, we've only hit the back of the net twice in the league so far, we're yet to win our game, our defence is as leaky as my bathroom tap and recruit has been poor. Some are calling this our worst start to a league season and i have to say, it's certainly up there. But is it THE worst? For this week's Cooks Question, i want to know if this is the worst start to a season you've seen since supporting the sky blues and if not, which season beats it and why? Drop us a reply and we'll read out your answer on Thursday's edition of Sports Lounge, live on 98.6 Hillz FM from 10am. PUSB!
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    Every season is dreadful. Even last season, when we topped the table, we all knew it was hands in heads/arse making buttons in the chair time at some point.

    Our seasons are judged on varying degrees of mediocrity. We should all be fucking well used to it by now, so yeah, feel free to broadcast that mate. :-)

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