Clarification needed from ACL

Discussion in 'Coventry City General Chat' started by chiefdave, Jul 4, 2013.

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    Occurs to me that ACL have not thought to make it known CCFC can keep playing at the Ricoh once they exit administration. This could be key as currently Fisher could make the claim to the FL that a ground share is essential as there is no other option.

    Unless I've missed a statement the most recent things ACL have said 'on the record' are that all negotiations with SISU are off and there will be no further talks (Fisher claims to have a letter confirming this which he will no doubt wave under the nose of the FL). Then the statement that CCFC could use the stadium at cost while in admin. Has their been any statement regarding what happens when we come out of admin?

    A clear public statement saying they will negotiate with whoever the owners are when exiting admin and a timeframe, for example CCFC can continue to use the stadium at cost until the end of the season whilst negotiations take place, would give Fisher very little room to manoeuvre with the FL.

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