End of the road?

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    Ive had a season ticket since 98 bar the shitfields season. (Younger supporter) I go to all home games and last season I only missed one away game. I will not be renewing next season unless there is a massive change at the football club. I thought the Nouble, Odelusi, Proschwitz and co season was bad but this is simply the worst Coventry City side I have ever seen. The worst 'manager' we have had, if you can even call him that, i personally wouldnt. The only shining lights are Stevenson, Harries, Willis, they will all be great footballers somewhere, but it wont be at this club. When you look at everything thats been going on, if you look at the numbers for attendances home and away, we have to be some of the best supporters in the country. Like really name me a club who has been through worse for such a long and drawn out period of time? Its sad to say but I also know the other 5 people I have season tickets with will not be renewing unless there are big changes. I understand the loyalty aspect, but there has to be a line surely. SISU OUT. VENUS OUT.
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    It is upto SISU as owners to give fans an incentive to renew or buy season tickets. They can't allow the club to consistently serve up shit, refuse to invest extra funds other than what the club generates through season tickets/merch and so on. If that is the model they really believe in, we're a dead man walking club.

    I'm also a a fan who started following in mid nineties and the collapse in fortunes we have all witnessed has been heartbreaking. There is nothing knee jerk in our fans reactions to this shambles. I never thought it would come to it but I support a total boycott of CCFC under the current owners.

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    Ex st holder.

    This is difficult. You will jack the ST in and then find other things to fill the time.

    SISU spout about how they threw money at the club. (Old money/debt). Yet they alienated the fans and insulted them further down the line. What kind of business closes its doors to its customer base and then asks them to buy 40 miles away? They have played a stupid game over the past 9 years.

    150 quid for a st would pull in a few stragglers but it is not long since we 'returned' to the Ricoh. The potential fan base was there for all to see. Yet they blew it.

    The club is gasping for air and any NOPM this time will pull The club to the brink. Because SISU don't know when to walk away.

    We may be having fixtures against CUFC .....or not

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