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    As I recall when SISU bought the club they paid one pound. They also had the chance to buy the Ricoh Arena and training ground remember !!! So they thought that was a reasonable price for them then when we were in the Championship.
    We know SISU is unlikely to spend on playing staff for Division 2 if this year is anything to go by but the new owners will have to do that if they want to return to Division 1 as soon as possible.
    CCFC seems to be up for sale but I do not hear a lot of people rushing to make an offer or engaging with SISU.
    The fans are keen SISU get on with completing the sale so we have as much time as possible to put the right people on the Division 2 pitches. This year has been a disaster and we want SISU to pass ownership sooner rather than later. Please get on with it!
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    50p and a pound of grapes...

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